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  • On-Wing Nondestructive Testing Services

  • FAA and EASA Certified

  • Major Airports Supported Worldwide

30 Years of Nondestructive Testing Experience

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) Certified Repair Station start-up providing On-Wing Nondestructive Testing Services to commercial aviation customers at major airports around the world. In addition, Silean, LLC provides x-ray film recycling services to the NDT industry.


On-Wing Nondestructive Testing

Silean is committed to your goal of maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality while performing efficiently and economically.  Offering our services to air carriers at major airports worldwide and using an array of NDT methods, we are able to provide solutions that maintain your safety standards and meet or exceed regulatory standards."  By specializing in On-Wing NDT Inspection, we are able to keep our overhead costs low and our expertise high.

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Lean Manufacturing and X-Ray Film Recycling

Stop paying unnecessary costs for maintaining an arrchive of x-ray film. Turn you archived film into a revenue stream. Silean is a full-service proovider of x-ray film archive solutions for the NDT industry. We clean your archived film free of charge and pay you top dollar of the reclaimed silver. Silean will package and ship your film so you can save time and resources. We use and enviornmentally friendly process to recover the silver and pay you for the proceeds. Silean has a partnered with the most efficent processor in the country, Rochester Silver Works, to provide top notch service and the best value to our clients.

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